About Us

Every single day, many of our peers are using single-use products like bottled water, drinking straws, and grocery bags. Around the world, just 10-13% of plastic items are recycled. We at Hola! I'm Back believe there's a better way. We've created a solution to counter the excessive use of non-biodegradable materials.

We are not the only company focusing on recycling and working on this issue. There are many like-minded people that have focused efforts on the elimination and proper recycling of these materials, but Hola! I'm Back has taken a broader approach. Our goal is to develop a profitable and trendy economy based exclusively around the use and consumption of recycled materials and goods.

Hola! I'm Back seeks to lead the global recycling efforts through innovative fashion lines that turn one man's trash into another's recycled treasure. We want to do more than just recycle. We want to convert the pollutants in our environment into one-of-a-kind jewelry and fashionwear that will kickstart a conversation. We want to engage the public and spark the urgency we need help preserve our planet.

We give a second life to discarded materials, promoting environmentally, socially and ethically conscious production and consumption. Hola, I'm Back.