EcoEssence - Stone Jar Candle

Welcome to EcoEssence, our newest and most sustainable line of candles. Each product is made of our Hola Terra unique and reusable stone vessel along with our responsibly manufactured Soy Wax Candle. 

Fill your space with fragrances reminding you of that one place on Earth that has a special place in your heart. Whether it be the sweet tropics of a memorable Caribbean island vacation or the fresh, crisp mountain air on a dewy Spring morning, let the aromas of nature show you happiness does have a smell.

Aroma Natural Fragrance Notes
Morning Dew Bamboo + Coconut + Spearmint
Mudslide Fresh Coffee + Sugar + Cream
Aurora Black Cherry + Plum + Vanilla
Zen Garden Honeysuckle + Jasmine
Caribbean Sol Coconut + Rum + Lime + Vanilla
Black Sea Eucalyptus + Plum + Sea Salt + Sandalwood
Summer Solstice Watermelon + Honeydew + Sugar