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Quarantine Reflections

During these challenging times I find myself deeply pensive; a unique side effect of a global event. I repeatably conclude that as we want to move towards restarting our normal lives we will inevitably evolve. We have and will continue to change our daily habits for the survival of our species. Face masks will become apparel and handshakes will have a second thought. The interesting and generally forgotten part is that caring for our planet is also required for our survival.

We have all been given an opportunity to sit and witness our impact on the planet as we watch the Earth’s health improve while we’re all on pause.

As we mentally prepare to someday return to life as usual do we want to go back and pick up exactly where we left off? With the continued misuse of our environment?

With overconsumption of plastics, with shipping of bottled water, with smog producing gas engines, with contamination of our drinking waters and the ocean, with deforestation, with not enough recycling?

Or can this be the turning point to truly restart and begin to adapt our lifestyle to one which respects our planet better?

How will you behave once you can go back outside and breathe in the fresh air? Something so inherently human and beautiful as life and freedom itself. The change begins in our home, in our daily routine, in us.


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