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Copper Electroformed Zero Waste Earrings

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These earrings are entirely made out of plastic waste & scrap copper (specifically copper pipes and electrical wire). It was handcrafted through two intricate processes: an electrochemical deposition process to transform the copper, and a process that uses heat to transform plastic.

No two earrings turn out exactly the same due to the nature of the plastic upcycling process and the unique way the copper forms, making these earrings one of a kind. Handmade in Canada 

Care Instructions: Copper will oxidize over time. For detailed care instructions, see our Jewellery Care page. Some may experience green on their finger, this is a normal interaction of the copper with your skin and it is completely harmless. If this happens, simply wash your hands. Feel free to coat the inside of the ring with a clear lacquer to prevent the green from going on your finger. Polishing regularly helps as well.