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Cherry Blossom Floral Medallion Pendant From Nagasaki

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Lost & Forged craft this striking pendant from a beautiful solid silver decorative vintage spoon. It features an ornate lotus blossom medallion design. The pendant measures 1.7 inches long, by 1.15 inches wide, by .25 inches deep.

The spoon was cast in Nagasaki, Japan. The word 'Nagasaki' is embossed on the back. It's made of a solid silver alloy (like sterling). The number 84 is also embossed on the back, suggesting an 84% silver content alloy (similar to sterling, 92.5% silver). You can read an informed discussion about the origins and material content of this type of vintage flatware in the Silver Forums here: http://www.925-Lost & Forged1000.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=35086

The pendant comes with a matching 18-inch long sterling silver chain.