2 Inch Stone Vessel

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2 Inch Stone Vessel

Welcome to our Stone Gold Collection, a line of homeware décor which provides the most elegant alternative to any traditional glass or ceramic product. 

Add some new life and variety to your home with this amazing little stone décor which can be used for any variety of applications -- storing jewelry, stationary, or as a centerpiece for candles or as an accent piece.

In choosing this product, feel good that you are also making an eco-conscious decision as this product takes all forms of sustainability from practice to production.

*Each product is Handmade in NYC*

Each product is individually designed, mixed, formed, sanded, and sealed. As a result of this hand crafted process each shape, design, and color is absolutely unique.

No two are the same! 



2.75 inch OD x 2 inch ID X 1.5 inch H


This material is made up of Hola! Terra's proprietary Green & Eco-Friendly mineral based stone mixture. All materials are water-based, non-toxic, solvent free with no VOCs, and fully sourced in the USA.