Barousse Works


Barousse Works was started out of a love for wood working and skateboarding and then combining the two. Barousse Works is proud to offer a standing product offering at an affordable price while simultaneously offering the service of custom-designed, one-of-a-kind pieces within any budget. 100% of the skateboards that we use in all of our products are recycled.

We take wood that was milled from healthy trees and made into skateboards, and then proceed to save the wood from landfills by giving it a second life, creating beautiful pieces for your home. By doing this we feel a growing connection to our community and the planet.

Our main goal is to bring the beauty of recycled skateboards to your home while simultaneously helping to save/grow the planet’s forests. As a direct consumer of wood products, we are committed to helping restore the planet’s forests. As a part of our mission to help restore the world’s forests, 1% of each sale will be donated to The Nature Conservancy. For every piece we sell we are doing our part to give back to this lovely planet we call home.

About Daniel

I was born in Lafayette, LA on March 30th, 1989. That makes me about as old as my dad was when he had me. I grew up in Lafayette and at a young age I was exposed to traditional carpentry from my father and from spending summers with my grandfather.

My grandfather’s grandfather was the best carpenter in the city of New Orleans according to my grandfather. That is where he learned the trade. From there he taught my father, and then over the years my father has helped to teach me as well.

When I was 11 I began skateboarding and now at 30 I still skate every day that my body allows it (skateboarding hurts haha).  It was through this journey and background that I combined traditional carpentry, my love for modern design, and skateboarding. I absolutely love to do what I do. My perfect day would be spent making a custom piece for you and then riding my skateboard with my friends. I hope you allow me to do just that.